Alternative Economic Policies in Europe – Pavia, 24th and 25th April 2015

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“Alternative economic policies in Europe”

The Pavia Declaration: A New Deal for a Social and Democratic Europe

Friday 24th April 2015  Aula Volta (in main building of Pavia University), Strada Nuova 65, Pavia

9.30 Welcome Address

  • F. Rugge, Vice Chancellor, University of Pavia

9.40 Alternative economic policies in Europe: an introduction – G. Garofoli (Insubria University)

10.00 1st session

  • The economic situation in lagged and Southern European countries
    W. Bartlett (London School of Economics) and I. Prica (Belgrade University)
  • Short interventions on specific countries
    F. Perez (Valencia Univ.), J. Reis (Coimbra Univ.), B. Andreosso (Limerick Univ.), B. Musyck (Frederick Univ. Nicosia), E. Meksi (Tirana Univ.)

11.30 2nd session

  • The German-South Europe divide and the changing inter-regional (but intra-European) trade Ginzburg (Modena and Reggio Univ.) and A. Simonazzi (Rome Univ.)
  • Discussant: C. Manera and F. Navines (Univ. of Illes Balears)

13.00 Lunch

14.30 3rd session

  • The consequences of European economic policies on real economic variables and the public debt issue
    V. Valli (Turin University)
  • Discussant: Francesco Saraceno (ScienPo, Paris)

16.00 4th session

  • The need for an industrial policy in Europe
    C. Pitelis (Bath University and Cambridge Univ)
  • Discussants: R. Wade (London School of Economics), L. Orsenigo (IUSS, Pavia), M. Holz (IfM Bonn), P. Bianchi
    and S. Labory (Ferrara Univ.)

Saturday 25th April 2015
Aula Goldoniana – Collegio Ghislieri, Piazza Ghislieri 5, Pavia

9.30 5th session

  • A modest proposal for resolving Eurozone crisis: Presentation of the proposal (S. Holland, Coimbra Univ.)

10,30 – 13,00

  • Economic restructuring in Europe
  • General discussion among participants on policy schemes and tools
  • The next steps
  • Drafting of the final document to be sent to European Institutions


Program -pdf-