Seminar: dot.ssa Dott. Sara Benetti (INCAE Business Schoool), Impact of Management Training Programs in Developing Rural Areas, 25 Sept 14.00, Sala Seminari

On September 25, 2018, 14.00-15.00, Dott. Sara Benetti (INCAE Business Schoool) will give a talk on “Impact of Management Training Programs in Developing Rural Areas”.



Luciano Ciravegna (King’s College London; INCAE Business School)

Sara Benetti (INCAE Business School)

This research project focuses on the impact of series of management training programs delivered to small-size coffee farmers in rural Latin American areas. The training was developed and performed by a German NGO and aimed at improving agricultural practices, plantation management and sustainable processes. Data were gathered at the end of the programs at farms’ level, including a control group of farmers in the same areas and with similar farm conditions that did not received the training. Our objective is to assess the impact of this training program on different dimensions of the farms´ behavior and performance, for example their productivity (on coffee yield, kg of green beans of coffee produced per hectare) and their adoption of sustainability practices. Furthermore, we are interested in studying the possible effect of poverty of the farmer and weakness of socio-economic context on this impact, evaluating under which conditions managerial training is more effective in terms of enhancing the farming performance.