Seminar: Michael Schlaile (Universität Hohenheim), “Memetics and evolutionary economics: Why we should take meme theory more seriously”, 24 February, 13.00, Sala Consiglio

On February 24, 2020, h. 13.00-14.00, Dr. Michael Schlaile (Universität Hohenheim) will give a talk on “Memetics and evolutionary economics: Why we should take meme theory more seriously”.


In this seminar, we will present the theoretical foundation of and a case for what we call economemetics. Economic theory in general but evolutionary economics in particular has suffered from what could be called “siloism”, that is, a fragmentation of theoretical and empirical approaches with little connection between the different fields and approaches. Memetics is a cultural evolutionary approach originally proposed by evolutionary biologists and anthropologists, which has been both hyped but also criticized by many. In this seminar, we argue for a combination of meme theory and complexity theory for combating the “siloism” of evolutionary economics.