Abreha Solomon Kibret – Research Activities 2nd year of PHD


  • Model-based cost-effectiveness analysis of external beam radiation therapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer: a systematic review.” Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation 17.1 (2019): 10
  • The effect of HIV/AIDS on household’s healthcare expenditure and income in Addis Ababa: a propensity score matching approach. HIV & AIDS Review. International Journal of HIV-Related Problems. 2018;17(2):103-110. doi:10.5114/hivar.2018.76369.
  • The Effect of Health System Responsiveness on Health Outcome: Evidence from Spain. (werking paper)
  • Associations between Women’s Empowerment and Child Health Status in Ethiopia. (Work in progress)


The 55th Scientific Meeting of SIEDS 2018 (University of Insubria, IT) – attended